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Why Should Your Business Success Be Punished?

After blood, sweat, and years of hard work, your business is finally generating the profit you've always hoped for. What's your reward?

More Taxes...

More profit equaling more taxes doesn't have to be the only option.

Discover how to redirect more of your company's profits into your retirement pocket instead of the IRS coffers.

The Truth About Profit-Sharing Plans

Popular profit-sharing plans implemented by most businesses are based on ERISA, The Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

Not the Employer Income Security Act.

Sure, we believe employees are critical for any business. And they should have their futures looked after.

But did they share the risk with you in those early days before there was a profit to share... those days when you were uncertain if you'd make payroll?

Bottom line, profit-sharing plans have a lower ceiling on what you can put away for yourself. And that lower ceiling also lowers your tax deduction.

Maybe it's because what that "E" in ERISA stands for... 🤔🤔🤔

When you do the math on most profit-sharing plans, you discover that nearly half of every dollar that's funding the plan is directed to the "employee's" future, not the employer's.

Find out how you can nearly double your percentage of every dollar funding the plan.

Stop Funding Your Suppliers Retirement

Fund Yours Instead!

You've been grinding away, making those numbers climb like a sherpa up Everest. So when year-end hits and you see those digits, you're ready to pop the champagne. But hold on! The IRS is lurking, salivating like a hungry lion on the Serengeti, just itching to pounce on your juicy profits.

Your savvy advisor leans in and whispers, "Hey, why not drop a small fortune on some new-fangled gadget and we'll give the taxman the ol' one-two!" Clever? Maybe. Necessary? Heck no!

The Defined Benefit Plan To The Rescue — The Rockstar Solution You Didn't Know You Needed!

While everyone else is adding to their shiny collections of tractors, espresso machines, or whatever "capital investments" they think will ward off the IRS voodoo, you're smarter. Instead of accumulating a bunch of "stuff" that will eventually turn to rust, you're backstage, setting the stage for an encore of golden years.

Why buy your supplier another yacht when you can charter a life of luxury in your OWN golden years? Let's be clear, a Defined Benefit Plan isn't just another financial fad—it’s your ticket to a retirement that's not just good, but legendary.

And don't just take my word for it. According to our pals at the IRS, these bad boys let you sock away more moolah than those run-of-the-mill defined contribution plans (Source: IRS Publication 560). Instead of nickel-and-diming your future, you're loading up the Brink's truck!

When you're profitable, there's more than just two choices to choose from. You're not stuck with choosing between paying the IRS or paying your supplier. A Defined Benefit Plan allows you to become a third and better choice. All you have to do is choose.

What If I Have Employees?

Our strategy provides you with much more flexibility regarding what employees you want to include. If you have key employees you want to hold on to, this strategy is an excellent way to provide them the incentive to stick around without having to include all your employees.

But that's not all...

We believe one of the most expensive resources for any business is the human resource.

Protecting that investment is critical for your bottom line.

How can you protect that investment? By ensuring your employees understand sound financial principals so they can avoid the stress bad decisions can lead to.

A lot of research has been done on the impact financial stress has on the workplace. Here are just a few statistics you should know:

  • A study done at Virginia Tech found that those employees with poor financial health waste over 25 working hours a month thinking about and dealing with personal money matters.

  • Poor financial behaviors result in companies dealing with absenteeism, tardiness, accidents, thefts, and, in some states, the expense of handling wage garnishments, just to name a few.

  • A survey of over 300 human resource executives conducted by a Chicago-based employment consulting firm found 32 percent of the managers consider financial problems the most pressing overlooked workplace issue.

  • Absenteeism because of financial stress costs U.S. Businesses billions each year. On average, employees with financial problems could cost employers 10% or more of their salaries each year in lost productivity.

Our optional, free online workshop, can teach your employees how money really works so they can get the most of the precious dollars you pay them in salary and bonuses!



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Tony Manganiello

Best-Selling Personal Finance Author

3-Time Inc. 500 Executive

Multi-Million Dollar Business Builder

Frequently Ask Question

Why hasn't my accountant suggested one of these plans?

Most accountants aren’t aware they’re available. Since 1974, when ERISA was enacted, the focus was directed towards defined contribution plans like 401(k)s, and defined benefit plans were lost in the shuffle.

Getting your accountant involved is recommended as it’s important for them to understand the advantages for obvious reasons.

What if I don’t have any employees?

No employees, no problem. A defined benefit plan is a fantastic way to transform your business wealth into personal wealth even if you don't have a single employee.

Do I need to have a plan in place now?

No. But if you do, we can talk about whether or not combining them makes sense. Many times adding a Defined Benefit Plan to an existing plan created a very powerful result.

How do we determine what I can contribute, and how much lifetime guaranteed income a defined benefit plan will provide me?

There’s just a simple form that needs to be completed. Once we have that form, our team of administrators who have been doing this for nearly 50 years will get to work generating the numbers that you’ll use to make your decision.

Do I have to contribute the maximum amount?

No. We’ll explore the minimums, the maximums, and any point in between to determine a comfortable contribution that hits the sweet spot.

How much does it cost to explore how a defined benefit plan can help me?

Not a dime. The process if completely free. Why? Simple. Most of the time the numbers are so compelling, starting a plan is a no-brainer. We won’t put any obstacles with dollar signs in the way of that.

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