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"Building a business is about building the lifestyle you deserve."

Tony Manganiello

Best-Selling Personal Finance Author


Inc. 500 Executive

Multi-Million Dollar Business Builder

It's All About YOU and The Sacrifices YOU'VE Made To Make Your Business A Success

I'm On YOUR Side

In my experience as a best-selling personal finance author, 3-Time Inc. 500 Exec, and multi-million dollar business builder, I've learned that the numbers are all that matter.

When it comes to building a business... the numbers can feel like they're stacked against you.

When you've reached the point where your business is finally successful, and generating a consistent, dependable, profit... you face a new mountain to climb.

The mountain of ensuring, or rather, guaranteeing, your future beyond your business.

Tony Manganiello interviewed by Pat Robertson of the 700 Club

What's Your Exit Strategy?

Exit strategies are rarely in mind when your passion is focused on building your business into the successful enterprise it's become.

When you stop and think about it. The main reason your business has become successful is, well, YOU.

If you think you can simply sell your business when you're ready to walk into whatever your definition of retirement is, consider what that means.

While you may be able to "cash out" and simply walk away, that would require someone with quite a bit of cash who will pay what you believe your business is worth.

Additionally, many business purchases involve a buyout over a period of time. What that means is the buyer has to be as good, or better than you, at continuing the success of your business.

Do you really want to take that chance?

There are strategies you can execute that minimize that risk. After all, if you sell your business, don't you want to relieve yourself of the stress involved in its continued success?

Believe It Or Not - No Risk Involved

Building a successful business is a big enough gamble unto itself. So, why would you risk your future on the whims of the stock market? Or, as we like to call it, the "shock market."

Recent years have already taught a valuable lesson. Placing years of hard-earned cash you'll depend on when you're at your most vulnerable in an environment we can never hope to control is unwise.

What's the alternative? Simple...

The funds you're going to count on during the years of your life when you're at your most vulnerable must be guaranteed!

It's possible to discover exactly what your retirement income could be before you even start the plan. Not only will you know what retirement income will be, that amount is guaranteed for life.

When the market behaves like the market, you'll be able to sleep well at night because it won't affect you at all.

That's the type of guarantee your blood, sweat, and years of risk and sacrifice deserve.

Your Business Isn't You

Part of the business building process inevitably leads to choosing a business structure like LLC or S-Corp. When you apply this kind of structure, that means the business has become its own entity.

We do this for tax reasons among many others.

However, once your business becomes successful, that success technically belongs to the business, not you... at least not you personally.

It doesn't seem fair. But you already know "fairness" in business can be a slippery slope.

The key is to transform as much of your business wealth into personal wealth. Personal wealth that guarantees you and your family guaranteed lifetime income.



The Business Owners Blueprint to A Prosperous Retirement


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Tony Manganiello

Best-Selling Personal Finance Author

3-Time Inc. 500 Executive

Multi-Million Dollar Business Builder

Frequently Ask Question

Why hasn't my accountant suggested one of these plans?

Most accountants aren’t aware they’re available. Since 1974, When ERISA was enacted, the focus was directed towards defined contribution plans like 401(k)s, and defined benefit plans were lost in the shuffle.

Getting your accountant involved is recommended, as it’s important for them to understand the advantages for obvious reasons.

What if I don’t have any employees?

No employees, no problem. A defined benefit plan is a fantastic way to transform your business wealth into personal wealth even if you don't have a single employee.

Do I need to have a plan in place now?

No. But if you do, we can talk about whether or not combining them makes sense. Many times adding a Defined Benefit Plan to an existing plan creates a very powerful result.

How do we determine what I can contribute, and how much lifetime guaranteed income a defined benefit plan will provide me?

There’s just a simple form that needs to be completed. Once we have that form, our team of administrators who have been doing this for over 50 years will get to work generating the numbers that you’ll use to make your decision.

Do I have to contribute the maximum amount?

No. We’ll explore the minimums, the maximums, and any point in between to determine a comfortable contribution that hits the sweet spot.

How much does it cost to explore how a defined benefit plan can help me?

Not a dime. The process if completely free. Why? Simple. Most of the time the numbers are so compelling, starting a plan is a no-brainer. We won’t put any obstacles with dollar signs in the way of that.

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